Watch this space for an explaination for my lack of recent activity.

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Wow. Yes, really, WOW!

Today I had a real opportunity to put this into practice. After dropping Wifey off at work I passed an incident in Harehills, a suburb of Leeds, UK. Whilst waiting at traffic lights my mind became distracted with thoughts of joining with my Brothers. I was thinking about today’s lesson in the context of racial tension. Let me explain. Harehills is quite a deprived area of Leeds with a high Asian population. As is often the case in these areas there is a lot of friction between the different cultures, high unemployment, drug abuse and crime.

I’d just let a motorist out of a side street and pulled to a stop behind the traffic. The motorist happened to be Asian, which had my ego congratulating itself for being so right on and doing my bit for integration, when I was distracted by a car pulling into an alley to my right.

A man of Middle Eastern ethnicity got out of his car shouting and screaming at someone in the cue behind me. I was drawn to the drama so looked his way. It took me a few moments to twig that in his left hand was something he’d concealed beneath a scarf. It was obvious a handgun and he was making it perfectly clear to the guy behind me that cutting him up was not a wise thing to do!

Immediately I thought of my body’s safety! So many things flashed through my mind in such a short period of time. Had he noticed me staring? (I was now looking straight ahead trying to be invisible), Will he start shooting? Will I get shot and die? I want kids! Etc.

The one thing I definitely wasn’t thinking was, Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.

Anyway, this disturbed brother having made his point returned to his vehicle and sped away leaving me wondering what to do with this.

We will not judge today. It says this in today’s lesson so I tried really hard to just accept how this made me feel, how guilty I felt for judging and crucifying myself and my brothers and by the time I was half a mile up the road felt at peace. Or did I?

I had a stop to make in Harehills and found myself seeing danger in every man that passed me. Everyone was a potential threat. Again I simply tried not to hold onto this illusion and allow it to fade into nothing. I didn’t manage it, but I tried! Ah, but did I try really?

Death is a thought that takes on many forms, often unrecognized. It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or doubt; as anger, faithlessness and lack of trust; concern for bodies, envy, and all forms in which the wish to be as you are not may come to tempt you. All such thoughts are but reflections of the worshipping of death as savior and as giver of release.

So begins today’s lesson.  It seems like virtually every second of the day I’m falling for one of these lies. Falling for? no, actively choosing. To say falling for implies I don’t have a choice and I’m at the whim of some power I cannot overcome. Has that ever been true? Of course not. We always have the power to choose Holy Spirit’s plan over the ego’s, but often ego’s screaming words of death and destruction overload our mind. As this lesson states, death thoughts can come in many seemingly innocent disguises, but they are all equally meaningless.

Our task is to recognise ALL these forms and apply the Solution at every step. Time runs short! There is no time for us but Now to do this!

Yesterday’s lesson was another great example of how practical and applicable the course is to every day life. The hot debate over the BNP has been raging on and I’ve felt more than a little attacked at times. I recognize that others attack is a call for love and healing, but I’m still unable to turn away from my ego that easily.

However hard I tried yesterday I could only use the affirmation “Give me your blessing, holy Son of God” on a couple of occasions and really mean it for more than a few moments before I was back listening to the cacophonous ego drowning out my peace.

I found myself drawn into a debate I didn’t really have the heart to continue. Knowing none of this matters, yet still being invested in the world, makes it tough to know where to stand – especially when confronted with views and opinions that seem frankly insane. Why do I expect any different? Those views are insane, as are mine. The course repeatedly tells us the ego’s thought system is madness and our only response to that madness needs be to give it to Him Who knows what to do with it. It is when we think we know better how to handle these perceived attacks (from ourselves or others) that we fail.

The answer seems to always listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit in our Mind. That Voice always speaks words of gentle encouragement, love and compassion, gently coaxing us to reach out and extend the everlasting and all-encompassing love that we are.



It feels kind of odd to think that whenever we’re not extending love and being guided by His Voice that we’re not even really here – that we’ve, in effect, convicted ourselves from our home! Of course in truth this hasn’t happened, but in effect it has.

We choose fear so often without even realising it. Walking down the street we might avert our eyes rather than make contact with a stranger, for no other reason than we associate “that type” with danger. What on earth could be more wonderful in this world than looking into the eyes of our Brother? Nothing, of course, but still we do it.

Until we learn that EVERYONE is our brother we’ll never be free. It’s easier to be open and loving when our body feels safe with loved ones, but so much more of a challenge with those we think of as strangers.  Let us try to remember this day that we are always Home. That Love is who we are and fear has no place in Reality. Let us give our illusions to Holy Spirit for His gentle correction. Let us recognise our limitless Strength and Know we have nothing to fear. Ever.




Today I’ve become aware of a resistance to posting on my daily lesson experiences. I realised I’ve been trying to force inspiration in order to keep up with the blog. This is so foolish.  I will now post only when spirit moves me too, although I will try to post daily. Thoughts on the text pop up regularly as well so I’ll add these as they do.



Today’s lesson is a continuation on the theme of the past few days.  We can only share what we already have and ideas do not leave their source are the keys to this lesson.

I’ve had plenty to think about in relation to this these past few days as I’ve been involved in some interesting conversations online over the BNP’s (white supremacist fascist political party in the UK) Euro election victories in two seats in the north of England. I tend not to get involved in politics as I don’t feel any party represents an intelligent thought system…and I don’t like to encourage them! I did, however, post links to a couple of websites who campaign to stop the BNP spreading their hateful bile on a golf forum I frequent. This didn’t go down well with a couple of people who voted for them.

My mistake was to post quotes from BNP officials that were frankly shocking. I made the comment I didn’t want to know anyone who voted for these people. This was a mistake. I really should have simply asked if they knew the men they voted for had said these things and believed this to be true. I could have been more understanding and compassionate and seen the BNP and voters for Who they really Are and realized their hate-filled reasoning is coming from fear and ego…therefore nothing but an illusion that is there for forgiving.

In short I responded to ego with ego and shared the ideas in my mind. I am now endeavoring to offer the Truth instead and see my brothers as they are in truth by recognizing we are all God’s Love and nothing else. I am extending now rather than projecting.

There is a long way to go find out how close Home really is. J

Loving blessings,


It’s remarkable how simple this course is. After posting this morning about my frustration and guilt, and after a not particularly great meditation my hourly rememberance at 1pm was WONDERFUL! It’s so simple! All you need do is surrender. Surrender all you think you are and He will flood you with the knowledge of your True Self.

bless you all! x

I really struggled with yesterday’s lesson, which is why I failed to post anything here. I awoke this morning with a tinge of guilt about this as I listened to my ego and made it’s illusions real for me.

In lesson 157 the author talks of a new ministry as we move on through the course and our experience. He talks of us our body being sanctified and our work in the world being changed by the light we experience through today’s lesson. He talks of seeing Christ’s face in our meditation and bringing the memory of that Light with us.

Well, my body felt like crap yesterday and I didn’t experience any of those things. I don’t think I mentioned this, but I am challenged with CFS/ME and sometimes feel awful. In the courses eyes this is my ego using my body to attack me and fill me with doubts, fears and attack thoughts. Well, it’s powerful sometimes and it keeps the vision of Love out of my mind. It did that yesterday and it’s doing it now.

I’ll be back later with thoughts on today’s lesson, hopefully with more Love!



This is a beautiful lesson. The essence of it is we spend our lives projecting silly fantasies on the world – fantasies we invent to keep our cherished belief in separation alive. We do this because we feel guilty and ashamed of a past full of ‘wrongs’ and misdeeds, anger and fear, shame and projection. We feel there is no way we deserve the love of God so we hold our belief in our self as a body separate and in need of our protection from the dangers of the world.

Of course, this world of which we are so afraid is a product of our imagination. The real world is there waiting for us behind the cold and gray sheet we have laid over it with our misuse of our creative power.

Yet, of course, none of this has really happened. We never changed and God never changed his mind about us.

“Today’s idea but states the simple truth that makes the thought of sin impossible. It promises there is no cause for guilt, and being causeless it does not exist.”

This is the consistent line the course takes. Guilt is impossible; sin is impossible. See the truth of this and Heaven is yours right Now.

“There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.”

I love this passage. It reminds me of Francis of Assisi. He was so full of peace and love for all life even seemingly deadly animals were as kittens in his presence. So full of love nothing felt threatened by his ego. It is also one of the few passages where the course talks about the world in a positive light. It is easy to be dismissive of this world of illusions, but it pays to head these words and realise we are here for a reason, and while we’re here we have the choice to extend the Love we are and shine with the Light this lesson talks of.

Let us today endeavour to remember He who walks with us in perfect holiness.